Let's make change with music!

SEVAN International Music Festival

Save August 5 and 6 in your calendar for SEVAN International Music Festival

The History

“Sevan” International Music Festival was founded in 2015 by the volunteers of Sevan Youth Club NGO under with the slogan “Let’s make change with music”. It is a music-based format of meeting that has no limits. The festival is known, although not in every corner of the world, it gives unique opportunities for talented artists and groups to perform on one stage, for making new connections and getting new cooperation. And finally, it is an amazing 2-day opportunity to speak in the language of music and enjoy the wonders of nature. Since 2018 the festival has become international and has hosted groups from France, the USA, Russia, Georgia, and so on. Sevan Music Festival is a member of FestivAr: Association of Armenian Festivals.


We are very happy to have been born near Lake Sevan and we treat our lake with utmost responsibility and love. Above all else, we advocate a caring attitude towards the lake. Our objective is also to promote the culture of exploiting the lake in a rational manner, not allowing an overconsumption of resources and polluting the territory. Every year, the festival saves no effort to educate its followers in a peaceful and culturally aware manner by advocating LOVE towards this natural monument. It is no coincidence that the main message of the festival is “Thanks, Sevan”. Many public figures have already joined this movement with their video messages, which is expanding its scope year by year.





Shushva Band

Khroniki Kraya

Tiezerk Band

Gyumri Rock School

Rozen Tal

Young Georgian Lolitaz

Khndzori Sok

Vacations on Mars

Art Phoenix

The Drive Dreamers



Peace Corps Baand

Deep Image



Bohem Quartet

Tchamich band

Mane & Sylvia

Air&Gun Project

The Pillows Family


Violin Revolution

Colors Of Music

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When will the Festival take place?

“Sevan” International Music Festival will open its doors to visitors for the 7th time this year, on August 5 and 6.

Where will the festival be held?

On August 5,6 the festival will take place on the first public beach of Lake Sevan

How much is the entrance fee?

Entrance is FREE.

What are the options for an overnight stay?

1If you don’t know where to organize your overnight during the festival, this post is for you.
You can rent your tent, and sleep in our tent zone, with sounds of the waves of beautiful Sevan, under the stars full sky. You can seat next to the fire, with amazing people, sing beautiful songs, and have your best time by enjoying the life. ????????
For more information about tent renting and prices text to our social media pages. ???? or call 096723126

2.There are hotels, guest houses, hostels, B&Bs, and other overnight facilities in the coastal area. 

What are the options for food?

During the 2 days of the festival, you can use the tents in the area: fast food outlets, soft drinks, various cocktails, etc.

How to reach to Sevan?

Transports to Sevan from different regions.

????1️⃣. Yerevan-Sevan, taxis working from 07:00 – 20:00. You can find them near Yeritasardakan metro station. One way cost is 700 AMD, moving every 30 mins.
????2️⃣ Yerevan-Sevan train leaving at 08:30 from the train station Sasuntsi Davit and arriving in Sevan at 10:28.
Tickets cost 1500 AMD for one way.
For more information call 060463445.

????3️⃣ Gavar-Sevan 09:30, 11:00, 14:10, 17:00
Sevan – Gavar 09:30, 11:00, 14:10, 17:00.
One way cost is 500 AMD.
For more info call 098566959.

????4️⃣. Vanadzor-Sevan, leaving from Vanadzor at 09:00 o’clock stops outside on the highway and doesn’t enter the town.
For more information 093879628/ 093423693


The participation requirements are as follows:

1.We highly recommend compiling a playlist of your songs.

2.To share the idea of the festival is to say, #ThanksSevan once a year.

3.To be creative, communicable, and helpful with full positive energy.

Preference will be given to rock (in the broadest sense of the style) and contemporary arrangements of Folk songs. For more information, please follow the link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1LHwtpkCLlZ7O61iYh-0c6H_5JZDk12Sy?usp=sharing



    +374 55 66 21 19, +374 99 08 06 51